Mix & Mingle™ Cord Bracelet

Mix and Mingle Beaded Cord Bracelet

What You'll Need:

Bronze and Sapphire Mix and Mingle™ Beads
2 Packages 5 yd. 1mm Brown Nylon Cord

Courtesy of Darice®
Difficulty Level: Beginner
Approximate Time: 15 Minutes

How to Make a Mix & Mingle™ Cord Bracelet

This trendy Mix and Mingle™ Cord Bracelet is casual and cute for everyday wear! The bright blue and bronze beads are the perfect accent to natural brown cord, and you can be sure it will look cute with any outfit. Mix and Mingle jewelry is so simple to make, you'll definitely want to make it a part of your next girls' night.
  • 1 Fold cord & slide on bead

    Cut 48" of cord. Fold it in half twice, and then slide a large bead on the 2 cords so it falls to the second fold in the middle of the cord.

  • 2 Tie knot

    Tie an overhand knot after the bead.

  • 3 Slide on beads & knot

    Tie an overhand knot approximately 2 3/4" down. Slide on 2 large beads and 2 skinny beads. Tie an overhand knot after the beads.

  • 4 Knot & trim

    Tie an overhand knot 2 3/4" from the last, leaving a loop that is large enough to fit over the bead from Step 1. Trim tails.