Paracord DIY Dog Collar

Paracord DIY Dog Collar

What You'll Need:

16' Red 550 Paracord
16' Gray 550 Paracord
Plastic Buckle
Hot Glue

Courtesy of Darice®
Difficulty Level: Intermediate
Approximate Time: 15 Minutes

How to Make a Paracord DIY Dog Collar

This sporty, customizable Paracord DIY Dog Collar will have your pup looking like the most stylish pooch on the block! These instructions are designed to create a 16" collar, but you can adjust the size to fit your dog perfectly by using about 1 1/2' of paracord for each inch of the collar.
  • 1 Join cords

    Join an end of each color paracord to make 1 single cord. Trim an end of each color at an angle, then fit the slanted sides together and secure with hot glue.

  • 2 Knot cord on buckle

    Once hot glue dries, fold string at paracord at new connection. Thread the loop through the female half of the buckle. Secure with a looped hitch knot.

  • 3 Set collar length

    Thread the ends of the cord through the other half of the buckle. Slide the buckle along the cords until you have the desired length of the finished collar. Once the buckle is positioned at the correct measurement, loop the ends of the cord around the buckle again to secure.

  • 4 String D-Ring

    Slide the D-Ring over the female end of the buckle until it is touching the male end of the buckle. The 2 inside cords should be going through the ring, and the 2 outside strands should be resting underneath.

  • 5 Begin Cobra Weave

    Take the far left strand over the 2 inner strands, then weave it underneath the far right strand. Loop the far right strand behind the inner 2 strands and up through the loop created by the far left strand. Push up with thumb, and pull both cords to tighten.

  • 6 Repeat

    Repeat Step 5 beginning with the opposite side.

  • 7 Continue knotting

    Continue knotting, alternating sides.

  • 8 Run cord through buckle

    When you cannot fit any more knots, turn the collar around and run the ends through the slot for a secure connection. Pull cords through.

  • 9 Weave on top of finished knots

    Continue the weaving pattern from Step 5 on top of the already woven strands. Start with the same cord you began with in Step 5 to keep the color pattern consistent. Tighten it until you feel the knot lock in place.

  • 10 Continue knotting

    Continue knotting until you reach the end of the collar, getting as close to the D-Ring as possible.

  • 11 Secure ends & hot glue

    Pull the ends of the cord through the center of the D-Ring and through the slip in the buckle. Turn collar over and thread ends of cord through tops few loops. Trim and secure with hot glue.