Pearl Drop Earrings

Pearl Drop Earrings

What You'll Need:

Jewelry Wire
Pearl Beads
Spacer Beads
Crystal Beads
Round Nose Pliers
Wire Cutters
Fish Hook Earring Findings

Courtesy of Darice®
Difficulty Level: Intermediate
Approximate Time: 10 Minutes

How to Make Pearl Drop Earrings

They're fast and easy, and they make the perfect gift! Use different color pearls to match your Pearl Drop Earrings to bridesmaid dresses or to your favorite outfit. The best part is, one pearl strand can make many pairs of earrings, so this is an affordable craft perfect for girls' night!
  • 1 Slide onto headpin Slide onto headpin

    Slide a pearl, spacer and crystal onto a headpin.

  • 2 Bend wire Bend wire at a 90 degree angle

    Bend the wire after the crystal at a 90 degree angle.

  • 3 Trim wire Trim wire

    Trim wire down to 3/8" after the bend.

  • 4 Make a loop Make a wire loop

    Grab the tip of the wire with the round nose pliers, and wrap it around the barrel of the pliers to make a loop.

  • 5 Slide on finding Slide on finding

    Before closing the loop, slide on an earring finding.

  • 6 Repeat Repeat instructions

    Repeat to make the second earring, and continue repeating the instructions to make additional pairs of earrings.