Pearl & Glass Beaded Necklace

Pearl and glass necklace

What You'll Need:

Bead Stringing Wire
Strung Glass Beads
7” 6/3mm Preciosa Crystal Capri
White Medium Freshwater Pearl Strands
White Large Freshwater Pearl Strands
Swarovski Crystal Beads
6mm Gold Plated Rondelle Spacer
Crimp Beads  

Courtesy of Darice®
Difficulty Level: Beginner
Approximate Time: 30 Minutes

How to Make a Pearl & Glass Beaded Necklace

Bright red glass beads bring the perfect pop of color to these beautiful white freshwater pearl beads! This necklace is the perfect accessory to dress up a casual outfit, but is elegant enough for special event like a wedding.
  • 1 Measure wire

    Measure out a 24” section of bead wire.

  • 2 String a crimp bead

    String a crimp bead through the wire followed by the clasp.

  • 3 Secure the crimp

    Bring the bead wire back through the crimp and crimp the bead.

  • 4 String beads on the wire

    Start the pattern of beads with 3 small pearls and 1 crystal. Repeat this pattern 8 times.

  • 5 Start the next pattern

    Start the next pattern of 1 crystal, 1 small pearl, 1 crystal, 1 rondelle, 1 pearl rondelle, 1 crystal, 1 rondelle, 1 large pearl, 1 rondelle and then the focal bead.

  • 6 Create the pattern in reverse

    Center your focal bead and repeat the pattern in reverse.

  • 7 Add a crimp bead

    Add a crimp bead and double jump ring.

  • 8 Bring the wire back through

    Bring the bead wire back through the crimp bead and several beads.

  • 9 Crimp bead

    Crimp bead and snip any excess wire.