Rattail Cord & Rhinestone Chain Bracelets

Rattail Cord and Rhinestone Chain Bracelets

What You'll Need:

Black Rattail
Purple Rattail
Aqua Rattail
4mm Rhinestone Cup Chain
2 1/2mm Rhinestone Cup Chain
4mm Cup Connectors
4mm Jump Rings
Lobster Clasp
Shank Style Button
Chain Nose Pliers
Side Cutters
Masking Tape
Bead Fix

Courtesy of Darice®
Difficulty Level: Intermediate
Approximate Time: 30 Minutes per Bracelet

How to Make Rattail Cord & Rhinestone Chain Bracelets

These rattail and rhinestone chain bracelets aren't your average friendship bracelets! The rhinestone chain adds a special sparkle and the shank style button is a stylish finishing touch.
  • 1 Cut chain & cording

    For a square knot bracelet, cut the rhinestone chain to 7 1/2". This is the size of an average wrist, so cut smaller or larger if necessary. Cut cording 3 times the length of the chain.

  • 2 Tape to work surface

    Attach a cup connector to the end of the rhinestone chain, and then tape it to your work surface.

  • 3 Wrap cord between rhinestones

    At the midpoint of the cord, wrap between the first and second rhinestone.

  • 4 Tie square knots

    Bring the ends of the cord to the front and tie a square knot between each rhinestone.

  • 5 Secure the last knot

    Tie a secure knot between the second to last and last rhinestone and add a drop of bead fix.

  • 6 Attach findings

    Attach a cup connector, jump ring and lobster clasp to the last rhinestone. Remove the tape from the other end and add a jump ring to the connector.

  • 7 Cut cord

    For spiral wrapped chain bracelets, cut 3 lengths of cord, each 24" long.

  • 8 Cut rhinestone chain

    Cut a 7" length of rhinestone or ball chain.

  • 9 Fold & knot rattail

    Gather 2 strands of aqua cord and fold in half. These will be the base cords. Slide the loop under the button shank and make a slipknot. Make an overhand knot with the purple cord. Attach the button end to a clipboard or tape it to your work surface.

  • 10 Wrap cord between rhinestones

    Hold the chain against the 2 aqua base cords and wrap the purple cord around the base cords and in between the rhinestones.

  • 11 Knot & trim

    Tie an overhand knot close to the rhinestone. Knot again. Leave a space large enough for the button to pass through and knot again. Trim the ends of the strands. If your wrist is larger, leave another space after the second knot and knot again. Then, trim the ends of the cords.