Santa Ribbon Bow

Santa Ribbon Hair Bow

What You'll Need:

1 1/2" Red Grosgrain Ribbon
1 1/2" Black Grosgrain Ribbon
1/8" Ribbon
Stick-on Gemz
80mm Barrette
Hot Glue

Courtesy of Darice®
Difficulty Level: Intermediate
Approximate Time: 30 Minutes

How to Make a Santa Ribbon Hair Bow

Kids can celebrate Santa's arrival by wearing their own sparkly Santa Ribbon Hair Bow! This bow is the perfect accessory for a Christmas dress or a trip to take pictures with the big guy himself, plus you can make it yourself. 
  • 1 Cut red ribbon

    Cut 2, 16" pieces of red ribbon.

  • 2 Form figure 8

    Bring the ends to the middle to form a figure 8 and glue in place.

  • 3 Cut more red ribbon

    Cut 2, 8" pieces of red ribbon, cutting ends in a fishtail.

  • 4 Cut black ribbon

    Cut 1, 8" piece of black ribbon with fishtail ends.

  • 5 Tie middle of bow

    Pinch the red figure 8s. When they are in the middle, placed side by side, tie them together with 1/8" ribbon.

  • 6 Crisscross red fishtail pieces

    Crisscross the red fishtail pieces, gluing at the center and on top of the black fishtailed piece.

  • 7 Glue figure 8 pieces

    Glue the figure 8 pieces on top of the fishtail pieces.

  • 8 Wrap bundle with black ribbon

    Cut 4" piece of black ribbon to wrap around the center of the bundle, gluing it in place.

  • 9 Glue to clip

    Glue the barrette to the back of the fishtail.

  • 10 Embellish with Gemz

    Embellish the red fishtails with Gemz and create a buckle in the center of the black ribbon.