Turquoise Statement Necklace Set

Turquoise Statement Necklace Set

What You'll Need:

4mm 20 Gauge Sterling Plated Jump Rings
2" Sterling Plated Ball Head Pin
.8mm Clear Stretch Cord
Sterling Plated French Earwire
2 Packs 2" Bright Silver Head Pins
20 x 10mm Bright Silver Lobster Clasp
2.5mm Silver Crystal Cup Chain
4mm Silver Crystal Cup Chain
7 x 15mm Turquoise Diamond Rhinestone Sliders 7"
10 x 14 Rectangle Multicolor Rhinestone Sliders 7"
13 x 18mm Turquoise Oval Rhinestone Sliders 7"
18 x 25mm Multicolor Oval Rhinestone Sliders 7"
Cut Chain Connectors
White Spray Paint Primer
Spray Paint
Wire Cutters
Long/Flat Nose Pliers
Round Nose Pliers

Courtesy of Darice®
Difficulty Level: Advanced
Approximate Time: 2 Hours

How to make a Turquoise Statement Necklace Set

Do you have a special event coming up? Custom create your jewelry for the night when you make this Turquoise Statement Necklace Set. It's the perfect pair of earrings, bracelet and necklace for a special occasion or night out on the town. Customize it to match your outfit with your favorite color spray paint.
  • 1 Paint your supplies

    Lay a protective covering on work surface. Spray paint on a primer to coat all beads, cup chain and bright silver head pins. Let dry completely, then paint with a coat of spray paint. Work in a well ventilated area and follow all precautions and directions outlined on the spray can. It may take several coats to cover the beads on all sides. Let dry completely.

  • 2 For the necklace:

    Cut a 20" length of 4mm and a 15" length of 2.5mm cup chain. Cover each end with a cup chain connector and attach each connector to a jump ring. attach a lobster clasp to one side of each of the chain lengths.

  • 3 Make rhinestone danglers

    Make 5 large oval rhinestone danglers by stringing headpins through both slider holes. Bend headpins at a 90 degree angle, tight to the rhinestone. Trim down to 1/4" and make loops using the round nose pliers. Do not close the loops all the way.

  • 4 Repeat Step 3

    Repeat Step 3 to create 7 rhinestone danglers using a rectangle followed by a diamond.

  • 5 Attach rectangle and diamond danglers

    On the 15" chain use loops on a rectangle and the diamond dangler to attach it to the middle of the cup chain. There will be 1 rhinestone cup between the headpins for all of the rectangle and diamond danglers.

  • 6 Attach oval dangler

    Attach a large oval dangler 2 cups down on both sides of the rectangle an diamond dangler. there will be 3 rhinestone cups in between the loops on the oval danglers.

  • 7 Attach rectangle and diamond danglers

    Attach 2 more rectangle and diamond danglers 2 cups down from each of the oval danglers.

  • 8 Finish attaching danglers

    On the 20" chain, start with an oval rhinestone dangler and attach it to the middle of the cup chain. Attach the remaining danglers every 2 cups down, alternating between the rectangle and diamond danglers and the oval danglers.

  • 9 For the earrings:

    Slide head pins through both holes of a diamond, then through both holes of a rectangle. Bend both head pins at a 90 degree angle after the rhinestones and trim to 1/4". Make a loop with the round nose pliers.

  • 10 Attach jump rings

    Attach 2 jump rings to each loop. Use another jump ring to attach the 2 jump ring chains. Slide an earring finding on before closing the jump ring.

  • 11 Repeat

    Repeat Steps 1 and 2 for the second earring.

  • 12 For the bracelet:

    Cut 2, 12" lengths of stretch cord. String through the top holes of the rhinestones with 1 strand. String through the bottom holes with the other.

  • 13 Tie knot

    Tie a knot with each strand to pull the beads together. Knot several times or use bead glue for extra security.