Alien Headband

Alien Headband

What You'll Need:

Chenille Stems
Wiggle Eyes
Glue Dots®

Difficulty Level: Beginner
Approximate Time: 20 Minutes

How to Make an Alien Headband

Use your imagination and pretend to be an out of this world alien! Create a headband using felt, wiggle eyes and more and be ready for Halloween or playtime in no time!
  • 1 Cut Velcro┬«

    Cut a 7" piece of Velcro® (use the teeth side only).

  • 2 Attach Velcro┬« to headband

    Center the teeth side of the Velcro® piece onto the top of the headband and attach.

  • 3 Cut & attach felt

    Cut a 1" x 7" piece of felt. Attach it to the Velcro® and trim off any felt overhanging.

  • 4 Create eye stems

    Fold five chenille stems in half, open and wrap one side around the headband twisting the chenille stem tight to the end.

  • 5 Attach eyes to felt

    Attach eyes to the felt and roughly cut out around the eye leaving some of the felt showing.

  • 6 Attach eyes to stems

    Glue Dot® the eyes to the end of the twisted chenille stems.