Bear Chenille Craft

Bear Chenille Craft

What You'll Need:

5 - 19" Jumbo Gold Chenille Stems
2 Movable Eyes
1 Red Button for Nose

Courtesy of Darice®
Difficulty Level: Beginner
Approximate Time: 15 Minutes

How to make a Bear Chenille Craft

Looking for a beary adorable craft? This Bear Chenille Craft is the perfect fit! This bear is a lovable friend for kids to play with! Children will bearly ever want to put this teddy bear down. Make your furry friend today.
  • 1 Arms & Legs

    Bend a chenille stem in half and form a V. Make a small loop at each end for the paws. Bend another stem for the legs forming a V. Make a 1" loop at each end for the feet, wrap end of stem at ankle and bend.

  • 2 Ears

    Bend a stem to form 2, 1" loops. Then twist end of stem around center of the loops. Leave remaining stem portion straight.

  • 3 Head

    Take another stem and wrap the end tightly around stem below ears. Then coil stem 3 times to form the head. Bend stem under the head and wrap around ear stem once. Seperate these stems to form a V-towards front and back.

  • 4 Body

    Overlap and stack the 2 center portions of the arms and legs together. *legs in front (This will be the body) Place the head on top of center bend and bring forward stem under legs and arms and wrap tightly around both stems. Wrap the remaining stem around the body, under the back legs and up to form the tail. Place remaining head stem in between arm and leg bend, and then bring each arm up between the legs and through front and back and out to the sides. Glue on button nose and eyes. Tie on a ribbon bow.