Blue Whale Bubble Blower

Blue Whale Bubble Blower

What You'll Need:

2mm Blue Foamie Sheet 
Google Eyes 
1 Straw 
Blue Tinsel Chenille Stems
Foamie Markers 
Glue Dots
Clear Tape 
Whale Template

Courtesy of Darice®
Difficulty Level: Beginner
Approximate Time: 45 Minutes

How to Make a Blue Whale Bubble Blower

Blow everyone away with this adorable craft! The Blue Whale Bubble Blower is the perfect craft for kids and will keep them entertained for hours! Get started on yours today.
  • 1 Fold and cut Foamie sheet

    Fold your Foamie sheet in half and place template onto sheet with top of whale against the fold. Cut out the whole shape through both pieces of foam. Cut a small slit on the top of the whale's head for the blowhole. 

  • 2 Unbend and insert straw

    Unbend the straw for maximum length. Insert straw through blowhole and line up along inside of body. Tape straw in place. 

  • 3 Cut chenille stem

    Cut a chenille stem into 3 pieces. Insert through blowhole and tape in place. 

  • 4 Glue whale together

    Line the whale body with glue dots, fold over and press closed. 

  • 5 Add eyes and mouth

    Glue dot the google eyes onto whale's face and draw a smile. 

  • 6 Curl chenille

    Curl ends of the chenille stems. 

  • 7 Blow bubbles

    Pour bubbles into a shallow dish and dip top of straw into solution, blow through the bottom of the straw to produce bubbles.