Bunny Finger Puppets

Bunny Puppet Finger

What You'll Need: 

White Jumbo Chenille Stem
Assorted Spring Colored Poms
12mm Googly Eyes
Tacky Glue 

Courtesy of Darice®
Level of Difficulty: Beginner
Approximate Time: 15 Minutes 

How to Make Bunny Finger Puppets 

Put on the fluffiest finger puppet show this spring with these sweet and soft Bunny Finger Puppets! Have fun with your friends while making this easy and fun project and then impress your audience once you're done! Hop on over to Pat Catan's today to get all the supplies you'll need! 
  • 1 Cut chenille stem

    Cut a 10" section of the jumbo chenille stem. Wrap chenille around fingers twice to make the bunny's body. 

  • 2 Add cheeks and nose

    Glue two 3/4" cheek poms at the center on the chenille body section. Then glue 1/4" pink pom nose centered right above the 3/4" poms. 

  • 3 Add eyes and tail

    Glue on your two 12mm eyes right above the nose and cheeks. Glue 1" pom onto the lower half of the backside of your bunny for a tail. Slide two fingers up through the bunny and wiggle your fingers as its ears!