Camouflage Dinosaur Canvas

Camouflage dinosaur canvas

What You'll Need:

Full Page Labels
Assorted Colors Acrylic Paint
Paint Brush or Foam Brush

Courtesy of Jamie Thomas
Difficulty Level: Beginner
Approximate Time: 20 Minutes

How to Make a Camouflage Dinosaur Canvas

Get your kids involved in decorating their space! These dinosaur camouflage canvases are a simple way to introduce toddlers to creating art. Customize yours with any silhouette and all of your child's favorite colors.
  • 1 Draw or print image

    Find an image that would look nice as a silhouette and print or draw it onto a full page label.

  • 2 Adhere silhouette

    If desired paint the canvas a solid color, or leave it white. Once dry, cut out the silhouette and stick it onto the canvas. Be sure to press the edges down firmly to seal it.

  • 3 Paint around silhouette

    With as many or as few colors as you want, use a paint brush, foam brush or even your fingers to create camouflage dashes. If using more than 1 color, paint 1 color at a time and let dry in between to prevent mixing. Be sure to paint all the way around the outline of the silhouette so it will have a clean line of definition.

  • 4 Remove label

    Once the paint is completely dry, remove the label. Touch up any spots where paint may have gotten under the label.