Catchin' Dreams

Catchin' Dreams

What You'll Need:

Felt Feathers
Pony Beads
Sticky Back Rhinestones
Spooled Chenille Stems
Glue Dots®
Tape Runner
Circle Template


Difficulty: Beginner
Approximate Time: 40 Minutes

How to Make your own Catchin' Dreams Dreamcatcher

Catch good dreams and rest easy with your own Dreamcatcher! Decorate a hoop using colorful felt, feathers, beads, rhinestones and buttons. Once complete, you can hang the dreamcatcher  in your room for a peaceful way to relax at night.
  • 1 Cut out circle

    Using the template, trace and then cut out the circle shape from the piece of cardboard.

  • 2 Apply tape

    Apply tape to one side of the cardboard circle.

  • 3 Attach felt to circle

    Attach felt to the tape to cover the cardboard and trim off the excess felt.

  • 4 Attach yarn

    Tie one end of the yarn to the circle.

  • 5 Create a web

    Make a web by crossing the yarn back and forth across the circle. Tie a knot to secure it and cut off the excess yarn.

  • 6 Create bead strands

    Tie a few pieces of string to the bottom of the circle. Thread a few pony beads onto each strand and knot into place.

  • 7 Attach chenille stems & buttons

    Wrape the end of a chenille stem onto each side of the circle to attach. Thread buttons and Glue Dot® felt feathers onto each.

  • 8 Embellish dreamcatcher

    Using the photo as a guide, continue to embellish your dreamcatcher.

  • 9 Tie yarn for hanging

    Tie a loop of yarn to the top of the circle for hanging.