Chester the Crab

Chester the Crab

What You'll Need

Tonna Shell 
.28 Red Pom Pom
1/2" Red Pom Pom
1" Red Pom Pom
1 1/2" Red Pom Pom 
6mm Chenille Stems
Red Bump Chenille Stems 
10mm Google Eyes 
Scrap Black Yarn

Courtesy of Darice®
Difficulty Level: Beginner
Approximate Time: 45 Minutes 

How to Make a Chester the Crab 

Don't be shellfish this summer; invite your friends over for a beach-themed celebration and make these adorable Chester the Crab party favors! They are easy and fun to make and perfect for any kid who loves the ocean and its animals! 
  • 1 Glue pom to shell

    Glue the 1 1/2" pom in the shell opening, allowing some of the pom to protrude out. 

  • 2 Add head and face

    Glue the 1" pom to the front of the shell to form a head. Then glue your 1/2" poms to the topp of the 1" pom for eyes and the .28" pom in between for a nose. 

  • 3 Add eyes and mouth

    Glue your google eyes to the front of the 1/2" poms and a piece of scrap yarn for a mouth. 

  • 4 Form legs

    Take 2 chenille stems and twist them together in the middle, curl the tips and adjust for legs and glue them to the underside of the shell. 

  • 5 Form pincher arms

    Cut off 2 bumps from the bump chenille and fold them in half. Take 1 chenille stem and fold in half, fold both tips to the center, and slide the folded bumps onto each fold and twist the stem to hold the bump in place. Glue pincher arms to the underside of the shell.