Clothespin Dragonfly

Clothespin Dragonfly

What You'll Need:

Chenille Stems of Choice
White Iridescent Chenille Stems
Wiggle Eyes
Washi Tape of Choice
Quick Dry Glue

Difficulty Level: Beginner
Approximate Time: 15 Minutes

How to Make Clothespin Dragonflies

Cute and colorful, Clothespin Dragonflies can be used for a variety of things! Whether hanging up finished artwork or just used as decoration, they are just what you need to add some bright color to any space. 
  • 1 Cover clothespin with washi tape

    Cover the top of the clothespin with a strip of washi tape. 

  • 2 Glue eyes

    Glue the eyes on the washi tape near the mouth of the clothespin. 

  • 3 Fold chenille stem

    Fold one white iridescent chenille stem and one of the other chenille stems in half. 

  • 4 Create a loop

    Open both chenille stems and bring the ends of each to the folded center crossing over ¼" and twist to create loops. 

  • 5 Form wings

    Open the clothespin and place both sets of loops inside to form wings.