Craft Tube Penguins

Craft Tube Penguins

What You'll Need:

Craft Tubes
Chalkboard Paper
White Cardstock
Orange Felt
Wiggle Eyes
Glue Stick

Difficulty Level: Beginner
Approximate Time: 15 Minutes

How to Make Craft Tube Penguins

These Craft Tube Penguins are a great winter afternoon craft project. Easy to make and fun to play with, you can create some new penguin friends in no time! Arrange the eyes and beaks on each penguin differently to give them all their own personalities!
  • 1 Glue white cardstock

    Cover the outside of the craft tube with white cardstock and glue into place.

  • 2 Cut craft tube

    Flatten one end of the craft tube and cut it to make a rounded edge.

  • 3 Cut slits

    On that end of the craft tube, cut a slit 1/4'' down on both sides, along the crease.

  • 4 Cut head & flippers

    Referring to the photo, cut the head and flippers from the chalkboard paper.

  • 5 Add flippers & head

    Curl the flippers and position the paper into the slits.

  • 6 Add feet & beak

    Cut out the feet and a triangle for the beak using the orange felt. Glue in place, using the photo as a reference.

  • 7 Attach eyes

    Glue on the wiggle eyes.