Dinosaur Paper Plate Crafts

Dinosaur Paper Plate Crafts

What You'll Need:

Small Paper Plates
Blue Foamies Sheets
Orange Foamies Sheets
Yellow Foamies Sheets
Wiggle Eyes
Orange Acrylic Paint
Blue Acrylic Paint
Sponge Dabber
Dinosaur Template
Baker's Twine
Extra Fine Black Marker
Small Paper Punch
Tombow Glue

Courtesy of Darice®
Difficulty Level: Beginner
Approximate Time: 30 Minutes

How to Make Dinosaur Paper Plate Crafts

You may not be able to walk with the dinosaurs, but when your child makes these dinosaur paper plate crafts he or she can move their arms, legs, necks and tails so the finished project walks along as they play. They can even customize their new dino pal to be their favorite color!
  • 1 Trace & cut out

    Trace template pieces onto Foamies sheet and cut out.

  • 2 Paint polka dots

    Use a sponge dabber to apply polka dots onto a small paper plate.

  • 3 Add face & feet

    Glue eyes onto heads. Attach cutout to head and draw mouth and dots for nostrils. Glue toes to feet.

  • 4 Attach head & tail

    Position neck and tail on the backside of the plate. Pencil a dot on the front of plate near edge and punch a hole in the plate. Hold neck and plate together and push a brad through hole. Spread open tabs on brad. Repeat on tail.

  • 5 Punch holes for legs

    Punch a hole through the top center of each leg and arm. Stack legs and mark hole with pencil. Punch other leg.

  • 6 Attach legs

    Position the legs onto the plate, 1 in front and the other behind. Push a brad through and spread tabs open.

  • 7 Make hanging loop

    Punch a hole through the top of the plate for hanging. Can an 8" section of baker's twine and string through hole.