Disguise a Pumpkin

Disguise a Pumpkin

What You'll Need:

Plastic Pumpkin
Felt Platter Monster Masks Kits
25mm Paste On Eyes
1.5" Assorted Pom-Poms
6mm Black Chenille Stems
Felt-Assorted Sheets
Glue Dots®


Difficulty Level: Beginner
Approximate Time: 15 Minutes

How to Disguise a Pumpkin

Decorate for Halloween with a Disguised Pumpkin! Choose from a black cat, frankenstein or spooky mummy mask and accessorize the pumpkin with eyes, poms and more. Once complete you can display it all season long or even outside for trick-or-treat night!
  • 1 Choose a mask

    Choose a mask and attach the appropriate sticky backed materials provided in the kit to the mask.

  • 2 Attach the mask

    Use Glue Dots® to stick the mask onto a pumpkin.

  • 3 Attach eyes

    Use Glue Dots® to attach the eyes into the mask eye cutouts.

  • 4 Attach a mouth or whiskers

    Using the Glue Dots®, stick on a chenille stem mouth or whiskers if desired.

  • 5 Attach a nose

    Use Glue Dots® to add a pom-pom nose if desired.

  • 6 Add accessories

    You may use the assorted felt sheets to cut out ears, noses, mouths or any other addtional pieces you may desire to put onto your pumpkin head. Use Glue Dots® to attach.