DIY Alien Mask

DIY Alien Mask

What You'll Need: 

Black Plastic Mask
12"x18" Green Foamies Sheet
20mm Google Eye
25mm Google Eye
35mm Google Eye
Chenille stems 
Glue Dots 

Courtesy of Darice®
Difficulty Level: Beginner
Approximate time: 15 Minutes

How to Make a DIY Alien Mask 

Scare everyone with your craft skills when you make one of these! The DIY Alien Mask is perfect for a space-themed party favor, to complete a Halloween costume or just as an everyday craft. Get started on yours today! 
  • 1 Draw & cut out alien head

    Draw a large alien head shape onto a green Foamie sheet that is approximately 8" x 11". To achieve a symmetrical shape, fold the sheet in half down the center of the head shape and cut through 1 side. 

  • 2 Trace eyes

    Position the head shape on mask and trace eye holes. Re-draw eye holes to give them an exaggerated alien shape. Cut out, lay onto mask and adjust if necessary. 

  • 3 Assemble mask

    Cut out 2 large raindrop shapes for ears. Use your glue dots to adhere the alien face onto the mask and the ears onto sides of head. Use more glue dots to adhere chenille stems to the mask. Curl the chenille stems if desired. Lastly, glue on google eyes.