DIY Dinosaur Costume

DIY Dinosaur Costume

What You'll Need:

Cut by the Yard Green Felt
Felt Sheet
Stiff Felt
Wiggle Eyes
Fiber Stuffing
Green Double Face Ribbon
Fabri-Tac Glue
Pattern Template

Courtesy of Darice®
Difficulty Level: Intermediate
Approximate Time: 1 Hour

How to Make a DIY Dinosaur Costume

You child can transform into a ferocious dinosaur for a day of play when they make this DIY Dinosaur costume. It's perfect for an afternoon playing pretend, or even as a start to a Halloween costume. Just let your child pick out their favorite colored felt and you're ready to create this no-sew costume.
  • 1 Trace & cut tail & hat

    Trace tail and hat template on green felt. Cut out.

  • 2 Trace & cut spikes

    Trace and cut spikes of colored felt of choice.

  • 3 Trace & cut eyes

    Trace and cut circle for eyes out of still felt.

  • 4 Attach spikes

    Lay out a tail piece and apply a line of glue along a long edge. Attach spikes.

  • 5 Glue tail together

    To the same tail piece, apply another line of glue on the edge, over the spikes and the lower long edge. Do not apply glue to short edge at this time. Match your other tail piece on top of your glued piece and push edges to secure.

  • 6 Repeat process

    Repeat the process with the hat, leaving the straighter edge unglued.

  • 7 Cut ribbon

    Cut enough ribbon to comfortably tie around waist, approximately 2 yds.

  • 8 Stuff tail

    Lightly stuff tail.

  • 9 Close tail

    Fold unglued edge so the previous glued edges line up. Apply glue to an edge and center ribbon on this edge. Apply another line of glue to ribbon and secure final felt edge, closing the tail.

  • 10 Glue on eyes

    Glue stiff felt circles to front of hat. Glue wiggle eyes in circles.