DIY Fishy T-Shirt

DIY Fishy T-Shirt

What You'll Need

Paper Rolls 
Acrylic Paint 
Textile Medium 
Google Eyes 
Paper Straws
Wearable Glue
Duck Tape 
Stryofoam Plates

Courtesy of Darice®
Difficulty Level: Beginner
Approximate Time: 1 Hour (Not Including Dry Time)

How to Make a DIY Fishy T-Shirt

Oh my cod! Create your very own DIY Fishy T-Shirt this summer and wear it to the pool, beach or bed! This is the perfect craft to make on a rainy day. Get creative and add your other favorite sea animals to the shirt too! 
  • 1 Insert cardboard

    Before you begin, insert your piece of cardboard into the t-shirt to create a hard surface to paint on. 

  • 2 Create fish shapes

    Using 2 bare paper roll tubes, take 1 of the tubes and crease it to make a teardrop shape. Do the same thing to the second tube, but once you make the crease push it in even further to create 2 smaller teardrop shapes. Rip narrow strips of Duck Tape, approximately 6" long, and tape the 2 rolls together so all the teardrop points are touching. 

  • 3 Create leaf shapes

    Take another tube and make 2 creases opposite each other to create your leaf shape. 

  • 4 Mix paint on plate

    Place a small amount of paint on a plate; mix 2 parts paint and 1 part medium and spread out. You want just enough paint to cover the end of your tubes. 

  • 5 Stamp design onto t-shirt

    Dip your fish and leaf tubes in paint and stamp designs onto the shirt. Pinch the end of a straw, dip in paint and stamp on shirt for fish lips. 

  • 6 Add sand to shirt

    Use the end of a straw and paint yo stamp sand and bubbles onto the shirt. 

  • 7 Add eyes and glitter

    Finally, glue on your eyes and add highlights to the fish, bubbles and plants using glitter glue if you wish to do so.