DIY Money Holders

Money Holder

What You'll Need:

Duck Tape®
Hole Punch
Velcro Dot

Difficulty Level: Beginner
Approximate Crafting Time: 15 Minutes

How to Make DIY Money Holders

Show off your DIY style this school year by making your own Money Holders! Pick out your favorite Duck Tape®, a few basic craft supplies and start crafting. 
  • 1 Lay out Duct TapeĀ® strips

    Lay two strips of Duck Tape® side by side, sticky side up. Base the length of the Duct Tape® on the desired finished size of the pocket - the length includes the front, back and flap. 

  • 2 Pick out contrasting color

    Lay short strips (in a contrasting color) all the way up, covering the long strips completely and slightly overlapping the contrasting color. 

  • 3 Trim edges

    Trim the edges to get rid of the torn edges. You will be left with a rectangle. 

  • 4 Fold bottom up

    Fold the bottom up just a bit more than a third. Rip a strip of tape that is the length of the front panel. Cut that piece of tape in half lengthwise so you have two pieces. 

  • 5 Fold the pieces

    Fold the pieces over the side edges to close the pocket. 

  • 6 Trim V-shape

    Trim the front into a v-shape. 

  • 7 Add velcro dots

    Add adhesive velco dots to the flap of the pocket or punch a hole in the flap in order for the pocket to hang.