Dragon Fire

Dragon Fire Craft

What You'll Need:

Mult-Color Pack Tissue Paper
Craft Tubes
Assorted 3/4" Poms
Wiggle Eyes
White Glue 

Courtesy of Darice®
Difficulty Level: Beginner
Approximate Time: 15 Minutes

How To Make Dragon Fire

Looking for a craft that will roar? How about this Dragon Fire Craft! This fire-breathing dragon is simple and a whole lot of fun to make. Your kids will love making their dragon's flames fly!
  • 1 Add pom eyes

    Glue 2, 1" poms next to each other about 1" from one end of tube for the dragon's eyes.

  • 2 Add pom nostrils

    Glue 2, 3/4" poms about 1/2" apart near the other end of the tube for the dragon's nostrils.

  • 3 Glue wiggle eyes

    Glue the wiggle eyes onto the front of the 1" pom.

  • 4 Cut & fold tissue paper

    Cut 3/4" wide strips of multi-colored tissue paper 20" long. Fold strips in half. 

  • 5 Create dragon's fire

    Glue the folded side of 6 strips just inside the nose end of the tube to create the dragon's fire.

  • 6 See the flames fly!

    Hold the tube to your mouth and blow through it to see the dragon's flame fly!