Duck Tape Phone Case

Duck Tape Phone Case

What You'll Need:

Blue Duck Tape
Chrome Duck Tape
Cutting Board

Courtesy of Darice®
Difficulty Level: Intermediate
Approximate Time: 30 Minutes

How to Make a Duck Tape Phone Case

Stop fumbling wtih your phone and hold it in place with this cool Duck Tape Phone Case. Use your favorite Duck Tape colors and designs and create completely unique case that is made just for you!
  • 1 Tear tape

    Tear a strip of blue Duck Tape that is about 6" long (1 to 2" longer than your electronic device), and place it on your flat surface sticky side down.

  • 2 Overlap strips

    Tear 3 to 4 strips of the same size and place next to each other, overlapping the edges just slightly to create a sheet of Duck Tape.

  • 3 Turn sheet over

    Carefully pull the sheet up and turn over, sticky side up. Cover this side with overlapping strips going in the opposite direction.

  • 4 Trim excess

    Once the sticky side of the sheet is covered, trim off any excess tape to make a rectangle.

  • 5 Fold sheet

    Fold the sheet in half to create the body of the case, and then tape the two sides with small pieces of chrome Duck Tape to seal the edges. Trim any excess.

  • 6 Decorate

    Use the chrome Duck Tape to decorate the case with any design you can think of.