Eagle Chenille Craft

Eagle Chenille Craft

What You'll Need:

1- 19" Jumbo White Chenille Stems 
3- 19" Jumbo Brown Chenille Stem
1- 19" Jumbo Yellow Chenille Stems

2 Half Round Eyes
7mm Rhinestones

Courtesy of Darice®
Difficulty Level: Beginner
Approximate Time: 15 Minutes

How to Make a Eagle Chenille Craft

Let freedom ring when you make this Eagle Chenille Craft. Kids will have lots of fun crafting and playing with our national bird. Soar on over to Pat Catan's to get the supplies you need!
  • 1 Wings

    Form wings with the brown stems. Twist ends of the 2 stems together. Form a 3" loop on each end and twist ends together. Bend the loops again to complete the wings. 

  • 2 Head/Body

    Take a white stem and make a small loop about 4" from the end for the head -form another loop for the beak and then twist remainder around the stem. Pinch loop for the beak closed. Bend the remainder of the stem to form a J - this will be the body. Hold center of body to center of wings and twist wings, so they are connected to the body. 

  • 3 Legs

    Bend a yellow stem in half and slide onto the lower curve of the body. Bring the lower portion up over the legs and twist around the body. Make a 2" loop at end of legs for feet. Twist remainder of stem around leg. Bend loops for bird will stand. 

  • 4 Body

    Wrap a brown stem around the body - making sure to cover where wings are attached. Glue on eyes and embellish with a rhinestone on chest, if desired.