Foamies Sea Turtle

Foamies Sea Turtle

What You'll Need 

6" Clear Plastic Plate
2mm Green Foamies® Sheet
2" Green Pom Pom 
.5" Green Pom Pom
14mm Google Eyes 
Light Green Tissue Paper
Dark Green Tissue Paper
Hercules Glue Stick
Sticky Stick Craft Stick 

Courtesy of Darice®
Level of Difficulty: Beginner
Approximate Time: 1 Hour (Not Including Dry Time)

How to Make a Foamies® Sea Turtle

Get turtally crafty this summer and make your very own Foamies Sea Turtle! They are so fun to create and make for the perfect ocean-themed activity and party favor! Get started on yours today. 

  • 1 Trace turtle onto Foamie

    Trace the turtle's body parts onto your Foamies sheet and cut it out. 

  • 2 Add tissue paper

    Tear tissue paper into small pieces. Spread glue stick onto plate and cover with tissue paper pieces. Repeat same step on the other plate. 

  • 3 Add body parts to plate

    Glue the turtle's body parrts to one plate, and glue the other plate on top of it, rim to rim. Tape it together until the two plates have dried. 

  • 4 Add pom poms and sticky stick

    Glue the larger pom pom on for the head and the smaller pom poms on top. Glue google eyes onto the front of the smaller pom poms. Stick a sticky stick to the bottom for a handle.