Foamies Star Pin

Star Pins

What You'll Need:

2mm Satin Rattail Cord
10mm Sticky Back Eyes
Foamies Stickers Stars
Adhesive Back Bar Pin
Micron Pen

Courtesy of Darice®
Difficulty Level: Beginner
Approximate Time: 15 Minutes

How to Make a Foamies Star Pin

These Star Pins made with Foamies are a great craft to do at birthday parties, day cares or any afternoon with your child. Use your favorite colors and different shapes to make pins for all occasions. Let your child's creativity come alive as they decorate and choose their color combinations.

  • 1 Cut cording

    Approximately 5" of rattail used. Do not pre-cut pieces of rattail. Thread 2 beads, tie an overhand knot, measure over approximately 5", tie second overhand knot and cut cording.

  • 2 Pick stars

    Choose 2 stars, peel off backings, place cords on 1 star in an arm and leg position. Secure in place by placing second star (offset) on first star with the adehesive sides together.

  • 3 Add eyes and mouth

    Attach eyes and draw a mouth.

  • 4 Add bar pin

    Attach bar pin to back of the star.