Forest Critter Snowglobe

Forest Critter Snowglobe

What You'll Need:

Blue or Iridescent Tinsel Pom-Poms
Plastic Jar
Grafix Dura-Lar® Film/Acetate Roll
Glue Dots®


Difficulty Level: Beginner
Approximate Time: 15 Minutes

How to Make a Forest Critter Snowglobe

Shake things up with a Forest Critter Snowglobe! Complete a fun wintry scene inside of a mini globe with festive stickers and snowy pom poms.

  • 1 Cut out the panel

    Using the template, cut out the panel.

  • 2 Decorate

    Choose your stickers of choice for the inside of the globe. Place the stickers on the panel. Make sure to add the stickers above the fold score line.

  • 3 Attach the panel to the globe

    Bend and secure the bottom of the acetate piece to the globe with the Glue Dots®.

  • 4 Add the poms

    Add 5-6 tinsel poms into the globe. Put the lid on the globe, securing tightly.

  • 5 Add the ribbon

    Add your ribbon of choice to the bottom of the jar as shown with the Glue Dots®.

  • 6 Shake

    Shake the globe and enjoy!