Forever Friends Jewelry

Forever Friends Jewelry

What You'll Need:

6mm Chenille Stems
Pony Beads
White Pearl: 12mm or 18mm

Difficulty Level: Beginner
Approximate Time: 15 Minutes

How to Make Forever Friends Jewelry

Celebrate the besties in your life and create colorful jewelry, together! Crafters of all ages can create adjustable friendship bracelets or rings out of bright chenille stems, buttons and beads and then share with their special buddy!
  • 1 How to create a friendship bracelet

    The following steps are for making the friendship bracelet:

    1. Using the photo as a guide, string pony beads and buttons onto a chenille stem.

    2. Twist the ends to secure the bracelet onto your wrist.

    3. To adjust the pony bead bracelet, slide the chenille stem from the opposite side through the last pony bead until it fits, then loop the stem ends to the beads.

  • 2 How to make a friendship ring

    The following steps are for making a friendship ring:

    1. String the pearl onto the center of the chenille stem.

    2. Bend the stem ends down and slide them through the button holes.

    3. Wrap the chenille around a finger, twist the stem and push the ends up through the button holes.

    4. Wrap the stem ends around the bottom of the pearl.