Friendly Jelly

Friendly Jelly

What You'll Need:

Small Plastic Bowl
LED Votive Candle
Chenille Stem
Wiggle Eyes
Glitter Paper
1.5" Circle Punch
Glue Dots®
School Glue

Difficulty Level: Beginner
Approximate Time: 40 Minutes

How to Make a Friendly Jelly

Don't worry! This jellyfish doesn't sting. In's friendly! Craft your own jellyfish buddy. Use chenille stems, yarn and glitter paper to create the sea critter and then add an LED candle so it can lightup at night! This craft is easy to make and is a perfect summertime craft for kids of all ages.
  • 1 Create a hole

    With the assistance of an adult, punch a hole in the center of the bowl.

  • 2 Create a circle

    Cut a 14" circle from the fabric with a tiny hole in the center.

  • 3 Attach circle to bowl

    Apply glue to the underside of the bowl to glue the fabric to the bowl.

  • 4 Cut & tie yarn

    Cut the yarn into six 12" pieces, gather at one end and tie them all together.

  • 5 Combine the yarn & chenille stem

    Fold the chenille stem in half, thread the ends through the fabric and the underside of the bowl. Twist the chenille stem around the yarn bundle inside the bowl to attach them.

  • 6 Attach the candle

    Attach the votive using Velcro® inside the bowl.

  • 7 Create the jelly's eyes

    Using the photo as a guide, punch out two paper circles and Glue Dot® them and the eyes to the fabric.