Gifts for the Chef

Gifts for the Chef

What You'll Need:

For the Chef Hat:
  -Chef Hat
  -Felt (Orange, Red, Brown)
  -Wiggle Eyes
For the Apron:
  -Felt (Orange, Red, Brown)
For the Recipe Holder:
  -Jumbo Wood Clothespin
  -3" Wood Circle
  -15mm Wiggle Eyes
  -20mm Wiggle Eyes
  -Cardstock (Yellow, Orange, Red, Brown, Blue, White, Tan)
  -Thin Black Ribbon

Difficulty Level: Beginner
Approximate Time: 30 Minutes per Craft

How to Make Gifts for the Chef

Gobble Gobble! Show your gratitude to the chef this Thanksgiving! Gift these festive cooking accessories to your favorite chef so they can be decked out in garb as they prepare the delicious feast!
  • 1 Creating the Chef Hat

      a. Trace the letters onto the hat to spell out 'Chef'. Fill in the letters with a marker.
      b. Cut out and trace the template onto the felt sheet.
      c. Cut out the shapes from the felt and glue onto the hat. Refer to the photo.

  • 2 Creating the Apron

      a. Cut out and trace the template onto the felt sheet.
      b. Cut out the shapes from the felt.
      c. Arrange and glue the felt pieces onto the apron.

  • 3 Creating the Recipe Holder

      a. Trace the template onto the cardstock and cut out. 
      b. Glue the tan paper onto the clothespin.
      c. Glue the yellow paper onto the circle. Arrange and glue into place.
      d. Glue the head onto the clothespin.Slide the collar under the head.
      e. Cut a section of black ribbon and make a blow. Glue under the head.
      f. Glue 3 feathers to the back of the clothespin. Refer to the photo.