Key Ring Tassel

Key Ring Tassels

What You'll Need:

Yarn of Choice
Pony Beads
Key Ring
Hemp or Jute Cording
5'' x 7'' Piece of Heavy Cardboard

Courtesy of Darice®
Difficulty Level: Beginner
Approximate Time: 15 Minutes

How to Make a Key Ring Tassel

Follow the steps to make a Key Ring Tassel with your favorite color yarn and create a new accessory for your bag or keychain. No knitting or crocheting is neccessary to complete this simple project, so yarn crafters of all skill levels can enjoy making their tassel with ease!
  • 1 Cut, fold & tie cording

    Cut a piece of cording 24'' long, fold it in half and slide the key ring to the center of the cording. Tie an overhand knot securing the cording to the key ring.

  • 2 Add pony beads

    Thread a few pony beads onto the cording and tie using another overhand knot.

  • 3 Wrap yarn

    Wrap the yarn approximately thirty times around the shorter side of cardboard.

  • 4 Tie cords

    Slide one of the cords between the yarn and the board. Tie both ends together securely around the yarn.

  • 5 Cut yarn

    Cut a 12'' piece of yarn.

  • 6 Wrap & secure yarn

    Slide the yarn off the board. Wrap the 12'' piece of yarn around the yarn bundle approximately 1'' from the beads. Secure it with a knot.

  • 7 Cut yarn

    Cut the looped yarn at the end furthest from the beads to create a tassel.