Ladybug Buddy

Ladybug Buddy

What You'll Need:

Cardstock: Red, Black
3" Unfinished Wood Circle
Google Eyes
2" Paper Punch
½" Paper Punch
Glue Stick
Sticky Stick

Difficulty Level: Beginner
Approximate Crafting Time: 15 Minutes

How to Make a Ladybug Buddy

Welcome in Spring's cutuest little critter! Simple yet fun to make, a Ladybug Buddy is the perfect little project to carry around with you wherever you go!
  • 1 Cut 3 circles

    Using the wood circle as a template cut out three red circles. 

  • 2 Fold circles

    Fold each circle in half. 

  • 3 Attach circles

    Attach the circles together by gluing the halves back to back. Use the photo as reference. 

  • 4 Punch a small circle

    Punch a black 2" circle. 

  • 5 Glue black circle

    Place the black circle half off of the wood circle and glue in place. 

  • 6 Glue red circles

    Glue the red circles centered on the wood circle. 

  • 7 Add eyes

    Glue eyes onto the black circle. 

  • 8 Punch small circles

    Punch ½ black circles and glue them onto the red circles. 

  • 9 Attach sticky stick

    Attach a sticky stick to the back of the wood circle.