Lion Chenille Craft

Lion Chenille Craft

What You'll Need:

5- 19" Jumbo Light Brown Chenille Stems 
1- 19" Jumbo Brown Chenille Stem
2 Moveable Eyes
1" Brown Pom Pom for Nose

Courtesy of Darice®
Difficulty Level: Beginner
Approximate Time: 15 Minutes

How to Make a Lion Chenille Craft

Be the king of the jungle when you make this Lion Chenille Craft. This craft is simple to make and will leave your child roaring with excitement. You would be lion if you said you did not want to make this project!
  • 1 Legs

    Bend a light brown chenille stem in half - hold the stem at the bent center and bend it again. At this bend, seperate stem and form a V. Make a loop at each end for the feet. Repeat steps with another stem for the back legs. 

  • 2 Ears

    Bend a light brown stem to form 2, 1" loops. Then twist end of stem around center of the loops. Leave remaining stem portion straight.

  • 3 Head

    Take another light brown chenille stem and wrap the end tightly around stem below ears. Then coil stem 3 times to form the head. Bend stem under the head and wrap around ear stem once. Seperate these stems to forn a V-towards front and back. 

  • 4 Body

    Stack the 2 bent portions of the legs together. (This will be the body - make sure feet point in same direction) Place the head on top of the front legs and twist forward stem under and around the body. Wrap the remaining black stem around the body, under the back legs and up to form a 3" tail.

  • 5 Maine

    Take a jumbo brown chenille stem and twist the center of the stem around the lion's neck. Bend and loop the chenille twice on each side of the head and around the neck. Twist ends together to complete. Glue on eyes and nose.