Lizard Chenille Craft

Lizard Chenille Craft

What You'll Need:

4- 19" Jumbo Green Chenille Stems 
Black Half Round Eyes
1/2" Wide Red Ribbon (3" section)

Courtesy of Darice®
Difficulty Level: Beginner
Approximate Time: 15 Minutes

How to Make a Lizard Chenille Craft

Let your child's imagination leap when they make a Lizard Chenille Craft. With the help of this reptile, your child will feel like they are on an adventure in the rain forest! Get started on yours today.
  • 1 Legs

    Take a chenille stem, find the center and make a sharp bend about 1.5" from the center on each side. Bend stem again about 1" down towards the front. Make a loop for the foot and wrap the remaining stem above loop. Repeat with other side. Repeat the above steps for the other set of legs. 

  • 2 Body/Tail

    Bend a chenille stem in half and slide over a set of legs so that they are centered. Twist the stem together, about 3" - forming the body. Place the center of the back legs on top of the stem. Seperate stem ends and twist one stem back around center of legs and around the body. The remaining stem will be the tail.

  • 3 Head

    Coil end of chenille stem 1 1/2  times - this is the head. Attach the head to the body - hold stem against center of the front legs and wrap the stem tightly around the body. Make sure the head is vertical to the body. Glue an eye on each side. Cut a 3" section of ribbon, V the end and glue to underside of head.