Heart Fleece Pillow

Heart Fleece Pillow

What You'll Need:

2 ea- 12" x 12" fleece of choice
5" square of coordinating fleece
Fabric Marker
Painters Tape
Fabri-Tac® Glue

Difficulty: Beginner
Approximate Time: 30 Minutes

How to Make a Heart Fleece Pillow

Get into the Valentine's Day spirit and cuddle up with a Heart Fleece pillow! This perfect throw pillow is created out of bright fleece and includes a large, festive heart. This project is easy to make and requires no sewing!
  • 1 Cut out fleece

    Cut out 2 pieces of fleece - 12" x 12" and stack them.

  • 2 Measure square

    Measure and mark 2.5" all around the square. Place painters tape along the inner line.

  • 3 Cut out square section

    Cut out a square section at all 4 corners.

  • 4 Cut strips

    Cut 1" strips to the painters tape line all around the square.

  • 5 Tie strips together

    Tie the strips together around the square- leave 4-5 strips untied.

  • 6 Add Poly-filĀ®

    Stuff the square with small handfuls of Poly-fil®. Finish tying the strips.

  • 7 Create heart

    Cut a heart from the 5" piece of fleece and glue along edges. Press in place onto the pillow.