Magical Door

Magical Door

What You'll Need:

Wood Door
Craft Sticks
Sticky Back Black Foamie®
Felt Flower Stickers
Large Button of choice
Glue Dots®
Quick-Grab Glue
Brown Paint (Optional)
Water (Optional)

Difficulty Level: Beginner
Approximate Time: 15 Minutes

How to Make a Magical Door

Open up your imagination with your own wooden Magic Door to catch fairies and leprechauns! Create an entryway into a mystical land with a St. Patrick's Day theme complete with shamrocks, ribbon and a gold emblem. Or, you can decorate the door for spring! Add felt flowers, leaves or butterflies and top it off with a pastel button doorknob.
  • 1 Create wood panels

    Glue two craft sticks onto the door to form a sideways "V."

  • 2 *Optional*

    Brush a small amount of water onto the door. Then dry brush a small amount of brown paint onto the door. Spread evenly and let dry.

  • 3 Create hinges

    Cut two small triangles from black Foamie® and attach to the side of the door for hinges.

  • 4 Add window

    Glue a large button to the door for a window.

  • 5 Decorate door

    Glue moss onto the base and add a few felt flowers and a butterfly onto the door.