No Sew Unicorn & Dragon

unicorn and dragon

What You'll Need:

Color-In-Mask Butterfly
Felt Assorted Colors
Quick Dry Glue
Craft Stick Glue
Faux Fur
White Air Dry Clay
Rainbow Rattail
Brown Rattail

Difficulty Level: Beginner
Approximate Crafting Time: 40 Minutes for 1 Mask and Necklace (Not including dry time)

How to Make No Sew Unicorns and Dragons

This is no fairytale! You can make your own unicorn and dragon in a few easy steps! Once your project in complete, you will have your own necklace and mask just in time for Halloween. 
  • 1 Cut eye holes

    Cut eye holes in mask to 2" circles. 

  • 2 Cut templates

    Cut the appropriate pattern pieces for each mask out of felt using templates.
    Dragon template
    Unicorn template

  • 3 Glue pieces

    Using the craft stick glue, glue the headpiece to the mask. NOTE: for the unicorn, you will also need to trim away part of the butterfly's mask's wings that will not be covered by the felt. 

  • 4 Add other pieces

    Following the photo, using Quick Dry Glue, attach the other pieces for each mask, plus a tuft of fur at top of head. 

  • 5 Necklaces

    Unicorns: Take a 1" ball of white air-dry clay and roll it into a 5" long rope that is thicker at the center and tapers to points at both ends. 

    Dragons: Take a 1" ball of white air-dry clay and roll it into a ball. 

  • 6 Necklace step 2

    Unicorn: Bend the length of clay into a U shape. Bring the two pointy ends together and twist slowly along the doubled length. Leave an opening at the bend.

    Dragons: Work the clay into desired tooth shape, making sure one end is "pointy". Leave an opening for the rattail, as shown in the picture. 

  • 7 Necklace step 3

    Press small gems into the clay to decorate the necklace.

  • 8 Necklace step 4

    Hold the rattail cord aside until clay has dried. Let dry overnight. Insert cord through the top hole of the unicorn horn and knot the ends.