Ocean Canvas

Ocean Canvas

What You'll Need:

16" x 20" Canvas
Crayola® Kids Paint
Foam Brush

Difficulty Level: Beginner
Approximate Time: 40 Minutes (1 Hour Plus Dry Time)

How to Make an Ocean Canvas

Decorate for summer with an Ocean Canvas! Create a beachy scene by using paint and even your own footprints.
  • 1 Mix & paint sand

    Usng the photo as a guide, paint the sand area by mixing brown and white paint. Let dry slightly.

  • 2 Mix & paint ocean

    Mix blues and white to paint the ocean, overlapping the sand. Make sure to leave enough room in the sand area for your footprints.

  • 3 Paint footprints

    To create a footprint, trace your feet onto the canvas with a pencil. Fill in  your footprints with brown paint. Let dry.