Perched Pom Chicks

Perched Pom Chicks

What You'll Need:

Three 2" Yellow Pom-Poms
Three 1.5" Yellow Pom-Poms
Orange Card Stock (for beaks)
Birch Bundle
Six 7mm Paste-On Eyes
26" Ribbon of Choice
Aleene's® Quick-Dry Tacky Glue


Difficulty Level: Beginner
Approximate Time: 15 Minutes

How to Make Perched Pom Chicks

Craft your own Perched Pom Chicks! These fluffy, bright and happy chicks are just hanging around on their perch as they sing-along to the sounds of spring. This fun craft is a great decoration for noy only Easter, but for spring too!
  • 1 Create chicks

    Glue the 1.5" pom on top of the 2" pom to make the chicks head and body. Repeat this step to make three chicks.

  • 2 Create beaks

    Cut three small diamond shapes out of orange card stock. Fold each one in half to make the beaks.

  • 3 Create face for chicks

    Glue 2 eyes and a beak onto each chick.

  • 4 Add chicks to perch

    Glue the three chicks next to each other in a row onto the stick. Slightly bend the stick ends up to balance the chicks.

  • 5 Create ribbon for hanging

    Tie the ribbon to each end of the stick and tie a knot loop at the top for hanging.