Quilled Tag

Quilled Tag

What You'll Need:

Quilling Strips: Scalloped, Straight
Quick Dry Glue
Quilling Tool
Baker's Twine

Difficulty Level: Beginner
Approximate Crafting Time: 15 Minutes

How to Make a Quilled Tag

Turn your bookmarks or gift tags into a work of art with the help of quilling! A Quilled Tag is a great craft to learn quilling techniques and to make a fabulous finished product. Follow these step by steps instructions and in 15 minutes you'll have your own Quilled Tag!
  • 1 Make one long strip

    Choose two scalloped edged quilling strips and glue together to make one long strip.

  • 2 Roll long strip

    Using the quilling tool, roll the long strip into a roll.

  • 3 Glue the end

    Glue the end to the roll

  • 4 Open the flower

    Open the flower by bending out the scalloped edges. 

  • 5 Glue tag

    Glue it to the tag. 

  • 6 Make leaves

    To make leaves, roll a green strip. Release the roll a bit and glue the end to the loosened roll. Pinch the roll to give a leaf shape and glue it to the tag. 

  • 7 Loose curls

    To make the loose curls, roll a straight strip on the quilling tool and allow it to loosely open up. Glue it to the tag. 

  • 8 Add baker's twine

    Cut a piece of baker's twine and tie it onto the tag.