Rain Forest Frame

Rainforest Frame

What You'll Need:

Wood Frame
Olive Felt
Forest Green Felt
Lime Green Felt
Wood Animal Color-in-Kit
5mm Peacock Sequins
Quick Dry Tacky Glue
Pencil or Marker

Difficulty Level: Beginner
Approximate Crafting Time: 40 Minutes (Not Including Dry Time)

How to Make a Rain Forest Frame

Do you love nature and everything that comes with it? A Rain Forest Frame is the perfect decor accent for you! Frame your favorite photo and hang it in your favorite room!
  • 1 Color animals

    Using the markers that come with the kit, color in the wood animals. 

  • 2 Cut out frame shape

    Remove the backing from the frame. Place the frame face down onto olive felt. Trace the opening and the outside of the frame. 

  • 3 Add felt to frame

    Cut out the frame shape and glue the felt onto the wood frame. 

  • 4 Glue animals

    Glue the wood animals onto the frame. 

  • 5 Add leave shapes

    Cut out leaf shapes from the other green felts and glue onto the frame. Embellish the leaves with sequins.