Shamrock Necklace

Shamrock Necklace

What You'll Need:

Foamie Shamrocks
Green Rattail
Red Pony Beads
Yellow Pony Beads
Orange Pony Beads
Blue Pony Beads
Purple Pony Beads

Courtesy of Darice®
Difficulty Level: Beginner
Approximate Time: 15 Minutes

How to Make a Shamrock Necklace

Sport your St. Patrick's Day shamrocks when you make this spirited Shamrock Necklace! Your child will love placing two sparkly shamrocks at the end of the rainbow bead necklace. Make them longer or shorter to fit all sizes.
  • 1 Cut cording

    Cut 24" length of rattail cording.

  • 2 String beads

    String on 6 red, 6 orange, 6 yellow, 6 green, 6 blue and 6 purple pony beads. 

  • 3 Knot ends

    Knot the cording ends together.

  • 4 Add shamrocks

    Peel and stick 2 shamrocks back to back on each side of the necklace just above the beads.