Sticky Stick Snow Gauge

Sticky Stick Snow Gauge

What You'll Need

Sticky Sticks
Google Eyes Self Stick
Fabric Scraps
Stiff Black Felt 
Sticky Back Stiff Orange Felt 
Sharpie Marker 

Courtesy of Darice® 
Difficulty Level: Beginner
Approximate Time: 15 minutes

How to Make a Sticky Stick Snow Gauge

Prepare for this winter with the Sticky Stick Snow Gauge. This is the perfect craft to make with your kids on a cold, snowy day, and when you're finished you can take it outside and measure the height of the snow!

  • 1 Cut Hat and Nose

    Cut a hat out of black felt and a carrot nose out of orange felt. 

  • 2 Attach Sticky Sticks

    Attach the adhesive end of 1st sticky stick to non-adhesive end of 2nd stick. Then attach the non-adhesive end of 3rd sticky stick to adhesive end of 2nd stick, leaving the adhesive end of the 3rd stick exposed. This is where you will attach the black felt hat. 

  • 3 Attach Hat

    Attach black felt hat to the exposed adhesive end of 3rd stick.

  • 4 Mark Inches on Sticks

    Using your ruler and Sharpie marker, mark off 1" increments starting from the 1st stick and working your way up to the 3rd. 

  • 5 Attach Scarf

    Rip approximately a 6" x 1" piece of fabric and tie around the neck. 

  • 6 Attach Nose and Eyes

    Attach your orange felt carrot nose and adhesive google eyes.