Story Stones

Story Stones

What You'll Need:

Muslin Bag
Kids Safe Mod Podge®
Foam Brush
Crayola® Fabric Marker
Foam Stamps

Difficulty: Beginner
Approximate Time: 35 Minutes (1 hour with Drying Time)

How to Make Story Stones

Kids can use their imagination and develop their storytelling skills with their own collection of Story Stones! Story Stones help kids guide tales along, boost their voclabulary and create a fun way to learn. This craft is easy to make with outdoor-inspired stickers and a decorative carrying bag!
  • 1 Prepare rocks

    Make sure rocks are clean and dry.

  • 2 Apply stickers

    Apply a sticker to each rock and then coat the top of the rock and sticker with Mod Podge®.

  • 3 Stamp the bag

    Apply the marker to the foam stamp and then stamp the muslin bag.