Tissue Paper Butterflies

Tissue Paper Butterflies

What You'll Need:

Tissue Paper
Wiggle Eyes
Chenille Stems
Glue or Glue Dots

Courtesy of Darice®
Difficulty Level: Beginner
Approximate Time: 15 Minutes

How to Make Tissue Paper Butterflies

This is the perfect summer craft for a group of kids, or just one child. All you have to do is spread out the supplies and let their creativity take hold! They can pick the clothes pin color, embellishments and tissue paper styles.
  • 1 Stack paper

    Stack the tissue paper.

  • 2 Cut a circle

    Cut a circle approximately 10" large from the stacked tissue paper.

  • 3 Cut in half

    Cut the circle in half.

  • 4 Scrunch paper

    Scrunch the straight edge of the tissue paper into the clothespin.

  • 5 Scrunch remaining paper

    Scrunch the other half of tissue paper into the clothes pin round side up. These are the wings.

  • 6 Add face

    Cut the chenille stem in half and bend each to form antennae. Glue on top of the clothespin. Glue on google eyes.