Unicorn Finger Puppet

Unicorn Finger Puppet

What You'll Need:

Felt-Pink, Dark Pink, Lavender, Blue
6mm Solid Black Eyes 
     -remove the shanks from the eyes
1" White Pom
.50" White Pom
12mm Pink and White Chenille Stems
3-in-1 Glue


Difficulty Level: Beginner
Approximate Time: 20 Minutes

How to Make a Unicorn Puppet

Bring the world of make believe to life with your own majestic Unicorn Finger Puppet! This magical creature is created out of colorful felt and a chenille stem for its special horn. Once complete, you'll have an adorable addition for story and play time!
  • 1 Create the unicorn's body

    Cut a 4" x 5" piece of pink felt and fold in half. Trace and cut the template onto the felt. Glue the side and top edges of the two felt pieces together. Leave the bottom open for your fingers.

  • 2 Add feature's to the unicorn's body

    Glue the 1" pom onto the center of the felt. Glue the smaller pom underneath it. Glue on the eyes.

  • 3 Add feature's to the unicorn's head

    Cut small felt triangles for the center of the ears, crescent mouth and two small ovals for the nostrils. Glue in place.

  • 4 Create the unicorn's mane

    Make the mane by cutting several rectangles (1.5" x 4") from three different colored pieces of felt.

  • 5 Add the unicorn's mane to the body

    Cut thin strips down the length of the rectangles, leaving a 1/4" section uncut on each. Glue a stripe down the back of the unicorn and press and hold the uncut edge of the felt pieces into place.

  • 6 Create the unicorn's horn

    Cut a 2" section from white and pink chenille stems for the horn. Twist two pieces together. Glue one end to the forehead. Trim the other end slightly to form more of a point.