USA T-Shirt

USA T-Shirt

What You'll Need:

White T-Shirt
Felt Sticker Stars
Crystal Glitter
Acrylic Paint: Red and Blue
Painter's Tape
1" Bristle Brush
3D Glue Dots®
Plastic Plate


Diffculty Level: Beginner
Approximate Crafting Time: 30 Minutes (Not Including Dry Time)

How to Make a USA T-Shirt

Show off your red, white and blue spirit by making your own USA T-Shirt! This DIY shirt is a simple project that is perfect for any age and patriotic holiday. Take your finger painting skills to the next level and get started today!
  • 1 Smooth shirt

    Slide a piece of cardboard inside the shirt and smooth out. 

  • 2 Mask stripes off

    Mask off 1" stripes on the shirt with painter's tape. Leave a blank space for the handprint. 

  • 3 Brush red paint

    Using the bristle brush, start in the center of each stripe and brush on red paint. Let the stripes fade out on each end. 

  • 4 Make a blue handprint

    Pour and spread blue paint on a plate. Have the child press their left hand into the paint and then press down onto the shirt. Let dry completely before removing painter's tape. 

  • 5 Add stars

    Choose 3 stars that have a white felt base. Remove the backing from the adhesive and sprinkle the sticky side of each star with glitter.

  • 6 Glue stars

    Glue Dot® the stars onto the handprint area. (Can be removed for washing)