Walrus Bag Puppet

Walrus Bag Puppet

What You'll Need:

2 Brown Kraft Bags
25mm Googly Eyes
3/4" Black Pom
Jumbo Craft Stick 
Black Marker 

Courtesy of Darice®
Difficulty Level: Beginner
Approximate Time: 15 Minutes

How to Make a Walrus Bag Puppet

Dig your creative tusks deep into this awesome project! Put on a fun performance with your friends, classmates or siblings when you create your own Walrus Bag Puppet today! 
  • 1 Add eyes

    Glue wiggle eyes onto the flap of the bag. Draw a line with a black marker down the center of the flap. 

  • 2 Add whiskers

    Cut 4 7" strands of yarn and tie them together in the center. Glue knotted section under the eyes and glue pom nose over the knot. Cut 5 more strands of yarn 4" long. Fold each in half and glue onto flap for extra whiskers. 

  • 3 Add feet

    Cut a half moon from the side of the other bag. Open cut piece and cut in half length-wise. Fold one end and glue to the bottom side of the bag. Repeat with other side. 

  • 4 Add tusks

    Cut jumbo craft stick in half and glue the 2 pieces to the bag under the flap for tusks.