Willy the Whale

Willy the Whale

What You'll Need:

3" Clay Pot
Tempera Paint
3 White Chenille Stems
18mm Sticky Back Wiggle Eyes
Baby Blue Foam Sheet
Kid Friendly Glue
Sponge Dauber
Paper Plate
Black Marker
3D Glue Dots®
Whale Template


Difficulty: Beginner
Approximate Time: 40 Minutes (Not Including Dry Time)

How to Make Willy the Whale

Whale what have we got here? It's Willy the Whale, of course! Use a clay pot, colorful paint and foam to bring your buddy to life. Don't forget to make a water-like effect for his spout! Willy is an adorable and easy to create craft and is perfect for kids on any summer day.
  • 1 Mix & paint

    Mix the blue and white tempera paint on the plate and sponge dab the paint onto the pot.

  • 2 Create Willy's spout

    Bend three chenille stems in half and insert the folded ends into the bottom hole in the pot. Place a Glue Dot® inside the pot near the hole and press the folded end of the chenille stems into it to hold them in place.

  • 3 Create the water-like effect

    Curl the ends of the chenille stems, then attach rhinestones with Glue Dots® to the ends of each for some sparkle.

  • 4 Create Willy's body

    Trace the whale template onto the foam sheet and cut out the shapes.

  • 5 Attach Willy's tail & fins

    Spread glue along the lip of the pot and press firmly onto the foam circle cutout. Dab some glue onto each foam fin and attach to either side of the pot.

  • 6 Attach Willy's eyes

    Attach wiggle eyes to the pot. Use the marker to draw on a smile.